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Outreach Programs

18th Century Trades
A program that gives an overview of 18th century trades that helped shape our region, including artifacts and tools of the period.

Dr. Francis Julius LeMoyne
A presentation on noted abolitionist, women’s rights advocate, social reformer, noted physician and founder of the first crematory in the United States.

Early Indians of Pennsylvania
A program featuring famous Indians of Pennsylvania; also including the Delaware’s Catfish Camp and other Indians of Washington County. 

Early Towns of Washington County
A photographic presentation of historic towns of Washington County, with photographs dating from the 19th century.

Frontier Forts of Washington County
A program focusing on these safe havens from Indian attacks, featuring specific events and individuals.

Let’s Play Ball
The history of semi-pro baseball in Washington - this program traces this sport from the early traveling teams through today’s Washington Wild Things.

Main Street, Washington
A photographic presentation of Main Street, Washington from the mid 19th century through the present.

​National Road
An overview of the “road that built America,” including maps and photos of the first government subsidized road in the country.

​Landmarks of the National Road
​A photographic presentation of the historic buildings that lined the road nicknamed “Main Street of America.”

Underground Railroad
A program examining the Washington County roots of the American Underground Railroad.

Settling the Pennsylvania Frontier
A program examining the first settlers to Western Pennsylvania and how they tamed this rugged land.

Oddities of Washington County
A program examining the weird and wacky side of Washington County's History.  From the thumb of George Washington to the wreath made from the LeMoyne Daughters Hair; it is a fun look at the county's unusual side.

The Cache of a Lifetime
A program examining the the City of Washington's Town Hall Time Capsule; the story around President Grant laying the corner stone and how a national crisis resulted.

Whiskey Rebellion
A program detailing the Whiskey Rebellion, the events leading up to it, major engagements and Washington County connections, including David Bradford.