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We are honored to be safeguarded by the Washington County Historical Society. Every brick and mortar of our cherished sites, like the Francis J. LeMoyne House, the LeMoyne Crematory, the Norma K. Grimes Research Library, and the Washington County Frontier History Center, holds a story, a memory. These places are not just buildings but vessels of our shared past. Through them, we are beckoned to a journey back in time, to feel, learn, and understand the essence of our communal heritage. Stand with us in preserving these memories; together, we can ensure they live on, touching hearts for generations to come.
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Discover the Hidden Gems of Washington: Tour the LeMoyne House

The stately stone house, located at 49 East Maiden Street in downtown Washington, PA, was built in 1812 by John Julius LeMoyne, the father of Francis Julius LeMoyne. Both father and son were practicing physicians, but it was the courageous Francis Julius LeMoyne who, despite the strict Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, risked his personal freedom and fortune to do what he knew was morally right — take a stand against the institution of slavery. This successful 19th Century doctor, reformer and builder of the ​first crematory in the western hemisphere, opened his home and properties as stops along the Underground Railroad, the series of safe hiding places for runaway slaves as they trudged north on their precarious journey to Canada and freedom.

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